LS3 Suppressor

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7.62 caliber, 3D printed, taper mount, zero modification to the host weapon, Full Auto Rated, Forward Venting Breathable Technology for pressure stabilization and decreased felt blowback and back pressure to the host weapon, Salt Air Resistant, Monolithic, implosion resistant design. Proprietary I/R non- reflective coating.

Breathable Technology

SKU: LS3 or LS3Ti

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Length 7.5in (190.5mm)
Diameter 1.6in. (40.64mm)
Weight 17.5 oz / 12.75 oz
Material Haynes 282 / Ti64
Finish Proprietary I/R non- reflective coating
Caliber 7.62mm
Attachment Method 1.375-24 HUB Mount
MSRP $899.00