Additive Manufacturing

In furtherance of product development and design, RD began embracing Additive Manufacturing (3D printing). While outsourcing initially, in early 2020 Additive Manufacturing was brought in house. This allowed the research and development arm of the company to rapidly prototype without the constraints of outsourcing or relying on traditional manufacturing methods. Within a year, RD expanded its additive manufacturing capabilities to production capable Quad Laser systems specializing in high volume OEM production, design for additive consulting, and materials development. RD has partnered with The NASA Glenn Research Center’s High Temp and Smart Alloy Branch on bringing a new high temp alloy to production level machines.

RD offers to its clients the highest level of expertise on product design, scaled manufacturing using additive, as well as consulting on any post processing needs. We offer OEM services from the one-off prototype to full-scale high-volume manufacturing. For more information email