Company Overview

Established in 2019, RD is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology for soldiers and law enforcement.

RD is a true manufacturer with modern CNC and Additive Manufacturing (3-D Printing) using the most current technology available. We offer R&D services, engineering, manufacturing, and large scale production. We are well known for rapid prototyping using a combination of additive and subtractive strategies. We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified manufacturing facility.

Core Competencies

  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) with exotic metals
  • Full automated machine shop with up to 7 axis capability
  • Research and Development/Engineering services
  • OEM Product design
  • Future weapons development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Coatings and Finishing services
  • Expansive product knowledge and troubleshooting.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Subtractive Manufacturing

  • 12x VF2SS Haas 4 Axis Vertical Mill
  • 6x DM1 Haas 4 Axis Vertical Mill
  • 1x DM2 Haas 4 Axis Vertical Mill
  • 1x Super Mini Mill Haas 3 Axis Mill
  • 1x CM1 Haas 3 Axis Mill
  • 3x Lynx 220LY Doosan 4 Axis Mill/Turn
  • 1x Lynx 220 LSY Doosan 4 Axis Mill/Turn with Sub Spindle
  • 1x WT-150II Nakamura Tome 7 Axis Mill/Turn with Sub Spindle
  • 2X M08 Tsugami Mill Turn with Sub Spindle
  • 5x KH4100 Kiwa 4 Axis Horizontal Mill with Pallet Changing
  • 2x KH4100kai Kiwa 4 Axis Horizontal Mill with Pallet Changing
  • 1x DMU Mori DMU50 5 Axis Vertical Mill
  • 1x Global Max Omax Water Jet
  • 1x Grizzly Manual Lathe
  • 1x Grizzly Manual Mill

Additive Manufacturing

  • 3x RenAM500Q Renishaw Quad Laser powder bed fusion production 3D printer
  • 1x EOS M290 Single Laser powder bed fusion prototype 3D printer


  • 4x Fanuc LR Mate 200iD7L barrel chambering robots
  • 1x Fanuc 200iA5L paint robot

Finishing Equipment

  • 1x 72” vibratory bowl tumbler
  • 1x 60” vibratory bowl tumbler
  • 1x 48” vibratory bowl tumbler
  • 1x Empire TT-20 6 station automated media blaster


  • Adobe Media Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design)
  • Solidworks CAD software
  • SolidCAM CAM Software
  • Esprit CAM Software
  • Fishbowl ERP Software
  • QuantAM Additive Manufacturing Software
  • Materialise Magics Additive Manufacturing Software
  • EOSPrint Additive Manufacturing Software with EOSAccess and EOState Powderbed monitoring