Integral Suppressed Barrel Conversion System

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For MK-22 Advanced Sniper Rifle (ASR) **BARREL REPLACEMENT**

RD’s MK-22 Advanced Sniper Rifle (ASR) Integrally Suppressed Barrel Conversion System (IS-BCS) is two pounds lighter and between four and eight inches shorter than the currently fielded system. The IS-BCS increases accuracy (we guarantee .25 MOA improved accuracy over factory spec) and the potential for dangerous and system-compromising suppressor baffle strikes. The barrel uses a revolutionary monolithically machined design to create a system that outlasts the existing system while creating hearing-safe conditions and the tactical signature reduction needed for success on the battlefield.

RD338NM-INT STD Barrett Length Savings
338 NM: 32” OAL
26” Barrel
6” Baffle
338 NM: 37” OAL
27” Barrel
10” Suppressor
5” Savings
300 NM: 32” OAL
26” Barrel
6” Baffle
300 NM: 36” OAL
26” Barrel
10” Suppressor
4” Savings
7.62×51 NATO: 22” OAL
14” Barrel
8” Baffle
7.62×51 NATO: 30” OAL
20” Barrel
10” Suppressor
8” Savings


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Caliber 338 Norma Magnum, 7.62x51 NATO, 300 Norma Magnum
Design Monolithic Barrel and Suppressor Construction
Barrel 416R Stainless
Muzzle Integral Muzzle Brake
Suppressor 3AL2.5V Titanium Outer Sleeve
Gas Redirect Gas Reflex to Increase Internal Volume
FPS 2775 Avg @ Sea Level
Weight Savings .50 lbs. (From Unsuppressed Factory Weight) 1.92 lbs. w/ Barrett (Factory DC 338 Suppressor)
Accuracy ≤ 1 MOA Accuracy at 100yds
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