M240 Suppressor

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.30 caliber, 3D printed, direct thread, zero modification to the host weapon, Full Auto Rated, Venturi activated self-cooling, Forward Venting Breathable Technology for pressure stabilization and decreased felt blowback and back pressure to the host weapon, Salt Air Resistant, Monolithic, implosion resistant design, Krink-style brake and integrated flash hider to mitigate flash and ground disturbance signature. Proprietary I/R non-reflective coating.

Breathable Technology


UPC: 814034027502

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Caliber 7.62 NATO
Length 9in (228.6mm)
Diameter 2.15in (54.6mm)
Weight 48oz (1360g)
Material Haynes 282
Finish Proprietary I/R non-reflective coating
Thread Pitch 25/32x24LH
MSRP $2799.00